“Bearing and vibration alleviation devices have a broad range of applications in the design of damage-free & resilient structures spanning from buildings to bridges, nuclear power plants, artefacts, heritage structures and machines. The integrity of these structures relies heavily on the response of these devices. Thus, it is important to develop detailed models capable of capturing their behavior under multiple extreme loads such as earthquakes and wind loads.”



examples of bridge bearings (isolation)

On the basis of the expertise of the team, a range of research results have strengthened the understanding around bearings used in bridge and building constructions and in particular:

  • design of bridges with bearings
  • interaction of shear and axial loading of bearings & bearing uplift
  • preliminary design of isolated structures & software development
  • testing & certification of bearings


bridge pier rotation excerting bearing uplift


modelling of bearing vertical response


bearing axial stresses under combined shear and axial loads



evolution of axial stresses (abaqus non-linear modelling)


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