“Modernisation of our deficient transportation networks and in particular bridges is a pressing requirement imposed by the growing EU economy, vital to societal coherence and safety. 
Frequent retrofitting solutions include the use of versatile Fiber Reinforced Polymers systems (FRPs). Nevertheless, it is surprising that only a few research results and international design guidelines are available for assessing the efficiency of FRP systems used on bridge retrofitting schemes“.





In response to the above urgent need we deliver solutions by:

  • quantifying the redundancy of bridges to increasing traffic loads
  • enabling monitoring-driven rapid assessments of retrofitting measures
  • providing expedient, long-distant inspection methods for any transport asset
  • utilising nano-materials in an effort to exploit smart techniques in transport asset strengthening schemes


Advanced FRP strengthening for bridge decks based on interface efficiency


Monitoring of interface efficiency with the use of Guided Waves


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