Data-driven decision making with coupled engineering, satellite imagery and digital twining

To combat adverse and changing environments and deliver robust and well-informed resilience frameworks, aware of the impacts of climate change on our critical infrastructure we need to embrace digital data, forensics and evidence from engineering inspections and openly available data and evidence from satellite imagery (see e.g. Copernicus Open Access hub) and other emerging digital technologies. Our paper that was accepted today by the International Journal of Remote Sensing puts forward a novel #hybrid approach for assessing the condition of the landmark 46-year old Polyfytos Bridge in Kozani, Greece, using SAR Interferometry coupled with engineering data and forensics. For the first time in the international literature, satellite imagery was used to complement former #UAV-enabled digital twins of the bridge and interpret spatiotemporally variable deflections of the important asset. A data-driven decision-making approach is put forward toward measures to protect the asset, people and the local communities. The significance of this hybrid approach is that whilst UAV-point clouds provided a snapshot of the structure today, satellite data provided equally important insights by giving us the evolution of the deflections of the asset throughout the years, which added further intelligence to the engineers to identify the causes of the deflections.

Monitoring of a Landmark Bridge Using SAR Interferometry Coupled with Engineering Data and Forensics digital

Co-authored by Dr Olga Markogiannaki of UOWM, Dr H Xu and Prof Fulong Chen of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof Issaak Parcharidis of the Department of Geography of Harokopio University

Special thanks to the Governor of W Macedonia Georgios Kasapidis and Eleni Liana Biina, Scientific Associate and Legal Advisor for involving us in this unique decision-making endeavour. Also, we would like to thank Yiannis Karnaris for providing photogrammetry measurements and the point cloud

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The landmark Polyfytos Bridge

Photo provided by Argiris Karamouzas

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