ETH Zurich: Lecture on Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Networks

Stergios is giving an invited lecture on “Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Networks” at ETH Zurich-Institute of Structural Engineering on Monday 21st of October.

Abstract: The exposure of bridges and transportation networks to natural hazards is proven to have severe consequences on world economies and societies. Therefore, risk and resilience assessment of these assets to extreme events and sequences of diverse hazards is of paramount importance for maintaining their functionality and continuous operation even after severe natural and human-induced hazards. In this context, engineers, consultants, owners and operators would be benefited in the design, assessment and decision-making process from quantifications of risk and resilience. This quantification should account for the sequence of hazards, the type and extent of damage and impact in bridge or network functionality, the latter expressed by robustness, and the importance of the asset, the available resources and priorities, including the rapidity and resourcefulness. This lecture will provide a systematic introduction to the concept of risk and resilience assessment of bridges and transportation networks. Examples and practical applications will be presented to illustrate the main components of risk and resilience, i.e. hazard actions, typology of bridges, damage modes, fragility/vulnerability analysis, loss assessment (direct/indirect), restoration, mitigation measures and decision-making for networks.

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