new paper in Transportation Geotechnics

A new paper on “Multiple hazard fragility analysis for granular highway embankments: moisture ingress and scour” has been published in¬†Transportation Geotechnics. This is the result of a collaborative effort between Greg McKeena (ByrneLooby Partners Ltd), Dr Mike G Winter (Winter Associates), Dr Sotirios Argyroudis and Dr Stergios Mitoulis.

The study provides a basis for the prediction of embankment deformation, and hence of damage, due to moisture ingress and scour, which can be aggravated by climate change. This can be used for the assessment of existing assets, and the design of new ones in the pursuit of more resilient transport networks, as well as for other assets such as levees, dams and other similar earthworks, with some limitations. A journal pre-proof is available here

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