Special Session on “Monitoring strategies for enhancing transport infrastructure resilience”, IABMAS2020, June 28-July 2, Sapporo, Japan

We are happy to announce the organisation of a special session with the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) from UK, on “Monitoring strategies for enhancing transport infrastructure resilience”.  This special session will take place in IABMAS 2020 conference, June 28 – July 2, Sapporo, Japan.

Submission of abstracts is extended till the 1st of June, here

[S41] Monitoring strategies for enhancing transport infrastructure resilience

Monitoring strategies are crucial in assessing rapidly and reliably the safety level, e.g. structural and geotechnical capacity, and the functionality, e.g. traffic capacity, of transport infrastructure assets. The importance of integrated monitoring systems emanates from the significance of the traffic disruptions and functionality loss of transport infrastructure. However, the vast of monitoring data and evidence, which is being made available on a daily basis to transport asset owners, remains unexploited. This includes terrestrial, e.g. data by CCTV cameras and mobile activity, monitoring of assets, and airborne data, e.g. InSAR, UAV/Drone sensors, hyperspectral imaging, aerial photography, and open-access crowd data, e.g. Google or Waze traffic data, population, weather and air pollution conditions. The Special Session intends to promote the exchange of knowledge concerning the use of monitoring systems toward well-informed quantitative risk analysis and resilience assessments for transport assets in an effort to efficiently manage assets, reduce maintenance costs and increase the resilience of our infrastructure.

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