ReCharged is a €1.6m research project funded by HORIZON-MSCA-SE-2021

12 partners, 35 colleagues from 10 countries led mainly by women in engineering, 5 industrial partners, 6 universities and research and technology centres.


ReCharged – Climate-aware Resilience for Sustainable Critical and interdependent Infrastructure Systems enhanced by emerging Digital Technologies

In a few words: ReCharged has the vision to develop an integrated framework toward a practical visualisation platform in order to enable digitalisation optimise and streamline climate resilience and whole-life carbon emission assessments for interdependent Transport and Energy Systems, Lifelines and Assets. We do that by harnessing the power of digital technologies and data to quantify the functionality and recovery of infrastructure. To achieve this, we will train people through research, innovation, and dissemination activities of interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral exchanges. ReCharged will facilitate the decision-making of operators, make people feel safer and augment researchers’ skills and career perspectives.


Dr Stergios Aristoteles Mitoulis (infrastructuResilience, UK) Coordinator

Dr Dan Bompa, Dr Bellen Marti-Cardona, Dr Marianna Loli

Dr Sotirios Argyroudis, Dr Tatiana Kalganova, Prof Evina Katsou, Brunel University London, UK

Dr Igor Linkov, Dr Dalila Antunes, Factor Social, Portugal

Prof Eleni Chatzi & Catherine De Wolf, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Prof GianPaolo Cimellaro, Prof Marco Domaneschi, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Prof Mathaios Panteli, Prof Stella Hadjistassou, Cyprus University, Cyprus

Dr Rallis Kourkoulis, Dr Fani Gelagoti, Grid Engineers, Greece

Dr George Suciu; Dr Carmen V Bobeanu, Dr Mihaela Balanescu, Dr Sachian Mari-Anais, BEIA, Romania

Dr Leon Kapetas, Dr L Liakou, Resilient Cities Network, Netherlands

Dr David García-Sánchez, Dr            Diego Zamora, TECNALIA, Spain

Prof Gregory Kiker, Prof Eva Agapaki, Dr Ziynet Boz University of Florida, USA

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