Here you will find news relevant to the activities of the initiative including webinars, talks, consulting projects, publications, participation in conferences and meetings mostly relevant to resilience of critical infrastructure with emphasis on transport and energy assets and their intra/interdependencies, views on the UNs Sustainable Development Goals and use of digital and emerging technologies in infrastructure risk-based management


Dec 19

PhD examination at Imperial College

Stergios participated today in the examination of a PhD dissertation at Imperial College, on the design of externally prestressed timber bridges. Very interesting topic and impressive work. Thank you Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype for the invitation.


Dec 19

CDP Seminar on Risk & Resilience of Critical Infrastructure

We deliver a CDP Seminar on Risk & Resilience of Critical Infrastructure Exposed to Diverse Hazards, in London, 17th February 2020. For more information and registrations, please visit here: 


Dec 19

Meeting with Highways England: “University research – highway structures – hydraulic actions & extreme weather events”

We participated in the 4th meeting organised on the 3rd of December by Highways England, on “University research – highway structures – hydraulic actions & extreme weather events”. Together with researchers from the University of Southampton, University of Strathclyde, University of Exeter, University of Bristol and representatives from Network Rail, JBA Trust and Highways England we discussed how new research developments on risk and resilience assessment, monitoring systems and experimental methods can be used to improve the transport assets management and support the decision-making against hydraulic hazards.


Nov 19

ICE training course: risk and resilience of bridges

If you would like to attend the training course of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE): Risk and Resilience of Bridges, please register in the following link (you can use the discount code RISK10 when you get to the purchase page to receive a 10% discount):


Oct 19

Lecture on Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Networks-21/10/2019

Stergios was invited by Prof E Chatzi and delivered a lecture on “Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Networks” at ETH Zurich-Institute of Structural Engineering, followed by interesting discussions and exchange of ideas on resilience assessment challenges!


Oct 19

Meeting with industrial partner SIKA AG

Stergios and Dimitra had a fruitful meeting with Dr Annika Baier and Dr Fabien Choffat in the headquarters of SIKA AG in Zurich. The future trends of bond technologies for FRP measures were discussed with the industrial partner of Briface H2020-MSCA-IF project.



Oct 19

ETH Zurich: Lecture on Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Networks

Stergios is giving an invited lecture on “Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Networks” at ETH Zurich-Institute of Structural Engineering on Monday 21st of October.

Abstract: The exposure of bridges and transportation networks to natural hazards is proven to have severe consequences on world economies and societies. Therefore, risk and resilience assessment of these assets to extreme events and sequences of diverse hazards is of paramount importance for maintaining their functionality and continuous operation even after severe natural and human-induced hazards. In this context, engineers, consultants, owners and operators would be benefited in the design, assessment and decision-making process from quantifications of risk and resilience. This quantification should account for the sequence of hazards, the type and extent of damage and impact in bridge or network functionality, the latter expressed by robustness, and the importance of the asset, the available resources and priorities, including the rapidity and resourcefulness. This lecture will provide a systematic introduction to the concept of risk and resilience assessment of bridges and transportation networks. Examples and practical applications will be presented to illustrate the main components of risk and resilience, i.e. hazard actions, typology of bridges, damage modes, fragility/vulnerability analysis, loss assessment (direct/indirect), restoration, mitigation measures and decision-making for networks.


Oct 19

Participation in the Lloyd’s Register Foundation International Conference 2019

Stergios Mitoulis and Dimitra Achillopooulou represent our group at the “Lloyd’s Register Foundation International Conference 2019” in London, 9-10 October.

Interesting discussions  and insights toward engineering a safer and more resilient world!



Sep 19

Participation in SECED2019

We participated in the SECED2019 conference in Greenwich, London, 9-10 September 2019, presenting a paper on the “Fragility of bridges exposed to multiple hazards and impact on transport network resilience” (by Yuan V,  Argyroudis S,  Tubaldi E, Pregnolato M, Mitoulis S) and organised a session on “Fragility, vulnerability & infrastructure resilience” with inspiring discussions toward “a resilient world”.